Frank Wolfram Bild 

Mr Frank Wolfram
Mr Frank Wolfram gained diverse experiences in project planning of wind turbines, solar facilities and biomass power plants. In Germany he planned the very first megawatt roof-top facilities. Due to his personal initiative and management a technically leading central inverter concept was developed. Within the photovoltaic sector Mr Wolfram is seen as an acknowledged expert in the field of connected systems of MPP-Tracking and conceptualisation of string monitoring. Further, he is your contact for individual project planning concepts, fastening systems and other developments in the area of photovoltaic.

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Wolfgang Schwarz Bild 

Mr Wolfgang Schwarz (Business Engineer)
Mr Wolfgang Schwarz’ background is in microelectronics and project management. He previously worked in leading investment banks and held a management position in a project planning company for photovoltaic large plants. Mr Schwarz’ areas of particular expertise are the purchase of solar panels as well as the financing of large projects domestically and abroad. In addition, he is your contact for topics concerning operations management and the facility optimisation.