Corporate philosophy

As a project developer in fields of regenerative energies, we want to support the change towards a worldwide, environmentally-friendly energy supply. In our view, the step to a global sustainable and resource-efficient energy supply is taken with the increasing use of alternative energy sources.

We as the Sinusstrom GmbH want especially in the engineering of renewable power plants, realize systems with a high technical and economic efficiency and thus help to increase the competitiveness of environmentally friendly energy continuously.

In our company we are promoting a sustainable structure, which is based on the promotion of our employees, training and sharing success, so that we can long-term access to a high degree of specialized knowledge within the company. To establish a trust, based on fairness and sustainable relationship, we are in cooperation with our customers and business partners in long term reliable networks. In cooperation with you the Sinusstrom GmbH would like to bundle competences to promote a sustainable future for generations beyond.