The Sinusstrom Mini BMS is a multi-circuit-analog-BMS for lithium-Ion small storages which can transfer the necessary load shedding and load limits with little effort. The BMS is exclusively based on the electrical characteristics of the semiconductor devices used, so that a very high level of operational safety is ensured. There is a single cell monitoring in which the entire battery string can be closed in case of error by looped potential free contacts or a minimum voltage is specified for a high amount of cycles. The state of charge of each cell can be read visually by the means of the installed LEDs.

At the Mini BMS Pro a balancing with up to 0.9 A per cell is taking place with the reaching of the maximum voltage of 3,6 V. To shunt cells within a battery string, fuses can be used as cable protection of 10 and 15 A in the cell boards.

The Mini BMS is available in various designs for both round cells as well as prismatic cells.