The SINUSSTROM BEAVER is an accumulating connection box for large-scale photovoltaic-systems which makes it possible to realize bulky safety functions.

Depending on the version, the DC strappings are disconnected and short-circuited in case of error. In this way safe shutdowns can be made in almost every case of error like short circuit or ground fault. A short circulating for safety erasing in case of fire is implemented as well.

The activation can either be made manually or automatically in case of over tension, low tension, lightening or at occurrence of differential current analog to a ground fault circuit interrupter.

Furthermore, the connection of the product to the Internet is possible, to have remote access. This feature can be used for large-scale systems for a segmented power switching of the inverter.

Despite this the system is configured to effect a replication using a string control, like the Sinusstrom Mosquito system connected by a wireless data transmission and to use the measured value as activation parameters.